An allergic condition is simply your immune system reacting to particular substances that do not necessarily affect others the same way. 

At Company name, tests are performed daily to determine what causes a patient’s allergy symptoms. These tests will assist in establishing an appropriate treatment plan that will eliminate allergy symptoms and help the patient go back to a life without discomfort and irritation caused by his or her allergies. 

Allergists study the human immune system. They are able to let you know whether the symptoms you are experiencing are allergic reactions or not. You will be advised of the things it’s best to remove from your environment and you will also be given treatment to relieve the symptoms. 

Allergy services deal with: 

*          Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever)

*          Immunology or Immunotherapy

*          Insect Sting/Bite Allergy

*          Allergy Testing

*          Skin Allergy

*          Food Allergy

*          Drug Allergy

*          Anaphylaxis

*          Sinusitis

*          Asthma

*          Eczema

*          Hives 

Our Allergy Clinics provide individually formulated antigen therapies that are intended to aid in eliminating the sensitivities you may have to pollens, molds and other things that trigger the symptoms that you experience, causing you so much discomfort.  

These unique therapies may permit you to be in the company of the allergens and remain free of the typical reactions and corresponding symptoms. In addition to avoidance and symptomatic treatment, some allergic conditions can be cured through immunotherapy, also known as allergy shots.

This treatment is highly effective in modulating the immune system to develop tolerance to what has normally been an offending agent. 

The Advantages of working with us include: 

*          Immunotherapy

*          Skin Prick Test

​​​​​​​Typically, for hay fever and allergies to food, insect stings and penicillin, skin testing is used. Skin testing does not work for everyone, so clinical evaluations will be used. You may also undergo spirometry, patch testing, and food challenges or drug challenges for revealing food and medication allergies. 

If you are in need of treatment for your allergies or asthma, we would be very happy to care for you. Contact us for more information at (561) 123-1234 .


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