Don’t know what is making you sniffle, sneeze or wheeze? Can’t manage your allergies or asthma?

What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a persistent disease that makes it very challenging to breathe at times. At Company name, we offer the most advanced diagnostic testing and innovative treatments for adults and children with asthma.

Our integrated approach to patient care provides you with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment services, and opportunities to try new medications and therapies through clinical trials.

The severity of Asthma varies from person to person. For some, asthma is no more than mild discomfort. For those who are moderately afflicted, the disease will surely hamper their typical routines. And, for those who are extremely afflicted, the disease can be deadly.

The most common symptoms include:

•           Coughing, especially at night

•           Shortness of breath

•           Wheezing

•           Chest tightness, pain, or pressure

Three factors - bronchospasm, inflammation, and mucus production - cause symptoms such as difficulty breathing, wheezing, and coughing. The doctor will perform a physical examination and listen to your heart and lungs. He or she may also order breathing tests, allergy tests, blood tests, and chest and sinus X-rays.

The goals of asthma treatment include:

•           Live an active, normal life

•           Prevent chronic and troublesome symptoms

•           Attend work or school every day

•           Perform daily activities without difficulty

•           Stop urgent visits to the doctor, emergency room, or hospital

•           Use and adjust medications to control asthma with few or no side effects

Our physicians are among the best in the field of Allergy/Immunology and they regularly teach their peers on the subject.

We offer a full range of clinical services including:

•           Comprehensive consultation services and ongoing care for refractory asthma

•           Bronchoprovocation testing with methacholine, cold air and exercise

•           Occupational and environmental asthma evaluation

•           Testing for suspected sensitivity to foods, food additives, aspirin and allergens

•           Treatment for asthma, and coexisting conditions that complicate asthma control

•           Specialized testing to determine how well your asthma is being controlled

•           Initial management plans for newly diagnosed asthma cases and continued care when needed

•           Comprehensive patient education

The symptoms of Asthma vary from person to person. They even differ from one episode to another for the same person.  Also, you might experience just one symptom, while someone else will experience every one of them.

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